Neilsoft enables the client to transform the business of planning, designing, building, and managing land & SEZ development projects through effective project planning & implementation. By incorporating various technologies we assist our clients to evaluate multiple what-if scenarios and then simulate and communicate results for Land / SEZ development that help measure environmental impact and construction costs of undertaken projects. Neilsoft delivers more sustainable, safer assets in a shorter time to clients engaged in transportation project life cycle through its experienced engineering team.

The client using Transportation related CAD tools and BIM integrated solutions from Neilsoft can make better-informed design & management decisions through an integrated 3D model while providing flexibility to explore multiple design options. These solutions can also assist clients to analyze project performance, and deliver high-quality documentation, all within the industry-standard and achieve lower project risk and better predictability of project outcomes.

With our specialized BIM solutions for Roads & Highways projects we assist our clients and transportation engineers to optimize the design and build the project safely, on time, and on budget. Neilsoft help clients to uncover design problems and constructability issues including the bridge construction site logistics and reconstruction of the bridge in a faster, safer, and less expensive way through BIM.