AEC Industry

Comprehensive Solutions for Buildings & Infrastructure Segment

Neilsoft offers Industry Standard Solutions for Design, Analysis, Review, Documentation, Project Management, and Facility Management.

We leverage the latest tools, technologies and consulting services to provide robust platforms for our clients to create a unique urban dwelling experience.

Whether it is design, collaboration & design coordination, constructability issues, operation, or facility management, our solutions provide ROI on your buildings or facilities.

With Neilsoft Solutions, customer can bring together all the stakeholders together (Owner/ developer, Architect, Structural & MEP Consultants, Fabricators, Contractors, facility management consultants, etc.). Each solution has built-in (best) processes and workflows designed to suit efficient design, engineering, construction, operation and management (people, assets & facilities) helping you to reduce construction & maintenance costs, manage capital projects and get maximum returns on your investment.

Whether you are designing, building or managing residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality, corporate houses, airports, railways & metros, retail facilities or high performance buildings, our applications provide you with a modeling, analysis, design reviews, project collaboration and management framework to manage entire lifecycle of a building/facility.

We help our clients in implementing the latest technologies such as BIM and improve their project delivery, design visualization and collaboration and better manage design information across the entire project lifecycle, resulting in faster delivery of world-class buildings.

Infrastructure professionals rely on integrated solutions for managing huge capital projects. Neilsoft offers solutions for Infrastructure professional to meet their complex design requirements.

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection from Autodesk is a rich set of software and innovative technologies to help you design, engineer, and construct higher-quality, more predictable building and civil infrastructure projects.

Solibri is the leader in BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Providing out of the box tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis and code checking.

Simulation / Analysis Solution
CFD Solution for HVAC Professionals.

Today HVAC engineers can validate and optimize their designs when submitting bids using CFD simulation. Achieving operational goals by controlling undesired microclimates, thermal comfort, draft rating, and air quality compliance has never been easier.

Advanced structural analysis software

Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software provides engineers with advanced BIM-integrated analysis and design tools to understand the behaviour of any structure type and verify code compliance.

Bluebeam, serves as an industry-leading markup and collaboration solution that connects all projects and teams, setting the standard for design and construction professionals. Bluebeam Revu is a software package for PDF editing, markup, design, document redaction, estimation using Bluebeam PDF.

Document Management & Project Management Solutions

CIM Database Project Office

Planning, construction, operation and maintenance of public infrastructure such as transport and utility networks make high demands on information management. Project Office provides comprehensive, process-oriented project management. It supports enterprises that systematically plan and implement their projects on the basis of process models and best practices.

Facility Management Solutions

FM Systems

FM Systems helps facilities professionals reduce space and maintenance costs and increase the efficient use of their assets. FM:Interact is an integrated suite of powerful web-based facility management tools that helps organizations improve their space, occupancy, assets, moves, maintenance, leases and property management. Whether your real estate or facilities portfolio is small or large, FM:Interact can help you manage today’s dynamic facilities environments.

Neilsoft solutions is a leader in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation space. With its related products & service offerings, we provide our customers an integrated solution which includes Technology Products, Implementation Support, Consulting Services and Integration Services.
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