With 20+ years of experience in AEC industry we have been working with client to meet the increasing demand for design, visualization, simulation, 3D Modeling and construction documentation in an integrated environment to make more informed decisions and implement architecture, engineering, and construction through BIM.

Our team is well equipped and experienced in empowering clients to handle hundreds of projects with lesser amount of time and resources. Moreover we help manage and communicate information throughout the project lifecycle by sharing data with collaborators and stakeholders. We team up with clients using building management softwares that helps streamline client operations and assist in managing information throughout the building lifecycle and lower costs in design, development and review process of various building projects – Data Centers, townships, residential, mixed-use, commercial, retail, parking structures etc.

Neilsoft enables client to serve building owners to connect (Building Information Management) BIM models and information from one 3D modeling software application to another, facilitating more efficient, collaborative workflows. Neilsoft’s comprehensive portfolio of virtual construction software supports client with Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes and helps architecture, engineering, and construction project teams work together to solve complex design challenges and build better buildings smarter, faster, and at lower cost.