API Development

We at Neilsoft assist our clients for developing a custom application programming interface which allow them to use predefined project specific prototypes and functions to interact with the operating system, instead of writing them from scratch. This also helps in enhancing the communication and exchange information with third party Development environments we work in (tools & platform).

CAD/BIM ERP Integration

Neilsoft has in house software development experts who can assist in integrating Revit /CAD with other systems for data exchange and collaborations. Neilsoft software development team also provides automation and customization services to help client enhance their BIM and CAD project efficiency.
Our domain experts both on the Industry side and the development side help our customer to better align their workflows and narrow down on exact parameters to be exchanges between the systems. For Revit ERP integration, we help our customers by establishing a process of Model Building so that the required data can be extracted efficiently.
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