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ROHR2 is the standard tool for pipe static and structural framework analysis, covering a variety of specifications like ASME, EN, ISO14692, KTA, CODETI or RCCM.

The program system ROHR2 is equipped by a range of additional features enhancing the engineer’s daily job, as there are FEM analysis (ROHR2FESU), isometric capabilities (ROHR2ISO) and a wide range of interfaces covering the leading CAD/CAE systems.


  • The main tasks of ROHR2 are component analysis, construction and structure analysis of complex piping systems.
  • The static analysis includes the analysis of any loads and load combinations according to first and second order theory for linear and nonlinear boundary conditions (friction, gap of supports, support uplift) and coupling conditions (nonlinear regulation powers of expansion joints).
  • The dynamic analysis includes the calculation of eigen values and mode shapes and their analysis by means of different modal response methods (e.g. analysis of fluid hammer forces). The earthquake analysis bases on the Time - History - Method. An efficient superposition module enables a versatile selection and combination of static and dynamic results as well as the generation of extreme values for loads on supports, components and nozzles.

ROHR2 interface:

  • Neutral CAD Interface, enables import from CAD/CAE systems like PDMS, CADISON, RC-Planet,MPDS4, HICADnext, and others.
  • Interface Export PDMS - ROHR2.
  • Caesar II Import Interface.
  • Export interface to SINETZ.
  • Export Interface into the Support Design Program LICAD, FLEXPERTE and CASCADE.
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