Vehicle Tracking 2018




Vehicle swept path analysis software

Vehicle Tracking transportation analysis and design software is built for vehicle swept path analysis. Engineers, designers, and planners can evaluate vehicle movements on transportation or site design projects. Vehicle Tracking software is available only in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

Vehicle Tracking features and functionality

  • Extend Autocad Platforms Large 1280x720

    Extend the AutoCAD platform


    The design and simulation tools in Vehicle Tracking integrate with AutoCAD and Microstation environments.

  • Evaluate Options Faster Large 1280x720

    Evaluate options quickly


    Explore alternative roundabout design options and evaluate safety and standards compliance.

  • Speed Planning Design Large 1280x720

    Planning and design tools


    Use swept path analysis to speed planning and design processes.

  • Swept Path Image Large 1773x798

    Vehicle swept path analysis


    Animate vehicle paths directly within the CAD environment. Create 2D or 3D animations, using multiple camera angles and even a Record function.

What's new ?

  • Parking lot design


    Lay out vehicle parking areas in minutes instead of hours. Quickly place rows, custom bays, and access roads. Use grips to easily edit design alternatives.

  • Roundabout design


    The Road Design tool uses intelligent objects to help engineers create and edit roundabout geometry to a variety of international design standards.

  • Airport design


    Analyze all aspects of airside vehicle operations by checking taxiing, stand clearances, pushback maneuvers, jet blast safety zones, ground service vehicle access, and more.

  • Light rail and tram design


    Assess the movements of trams and other light rail vehicles. Model the path of most single or double multi-axle bogies, as well as suspended units.


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