Vault 2018




Collaboration and data management software

Vault data management software helps designers and engineers organize design data, manage documentation, and track revisions and other development processes.

What Vault can do

  • Vault For Design And Manufacturing Large 1920x1080

    Vault for design and manufacturing


    Manage your product data and engineering processes in a single, central location.

  • Vault For Infrastructure Large 1920x1418

    Vault for infrastructure


    Create, organize, and manage your civil infrastructure deliverables more effectively in a single central location.

  • Support For International Drafting Standards Large 1152x648

    Vault for non-designers


    Vault Office, sold separately, helps engineers and non-engineers collaborate in one central location.

Which Vault product is right for you?

  • Vault Workgroup Large 1920x1080



    Integrate advanced functionality and features with business applications.

  • Vault Basic Large 1663x1078



    Organize, manage, and track data creation and documentation. (Included with subscription to Product Design & Manufacturing Collection; not sold separately.)

  • Vault Professional Large 1919x1079



    Scale multisite business system integration.

What's new ?

  • Shared views


    Share 2D or 3D views of your work with others, and get comments and feedback directly inside your product.

  • Enhanced design experience


    Notable usability improvements within the CAD add-ins enhance the overall design experience

  • Engineering efficiency


    Publishing the 2D PDF during the release process supports a better downstream communication to manufacturing and keeps all teams informed.

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