Helius PFA

Helius PFA




Tools for progressive failure analysis

Helius PFA software provides powerful tools for enhanced FEA (finite element analysis) of composite structures, including progressive failure analysis.


  • Import Moldflow results : Transfer as-manufactured data for more accurate simulation.
  • Material nonlinearity and progressive failure : Analyse the progression of composite failure.
  • Direct FEA integration : Enhance existing Abaqus, ANSYS, or NASTRAN FEA.
  • Support for Moldflow materials : Incorporate Moldflow materials into your FEA code.
  • Multiple analysis types : Perform static, explicit and fatigue analyses.
  • Advanced composite analysis : Includes 3D weld line, compression response, progressive failure, delamination and other analyses.
  • Efficient processes : Simplify FEA and material input and improve convergence rates.
  • Material exchange : Interoperate with Moldflow software, as well as third-party FEA systems.

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