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Practical tools for composite design

Helius Composite software delivers composite analysis tools for design simulation through an easy-to-use graphical interface. It provides designers and composite engineers with rapid, detailed information on the behavior of composite materials, laminates, and simple structures.


  • Bolted connections : Build and size bolted joints.
  • Fabric builder : Select fabric type and base to compute lamina properties.
  • Laminate analysis toolset : Analyse laminates using a variety of methods.
  • Material export to FEA : Export lamina to multiple FEA packages.

What's new:

  • Material library : Build an extensive database of materials and enter new materials to meet your needs.
  • Structure simulation : Understand the structural behaviour of composites without running FEA calculations.
  • Spring-in calculator : Predict laminate bending or warpage due to curing.
  • Engineering reporting : Document and share your work in a variety of report formats.

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