Factory Design Utilities




Visualize and optimize your factory designs

Factory Design Utilities enables you to conceptualize, plan, and validate manufacturing facilities for optimized workflows and equipment placement.

Factory Design Utilities features

  • Industrial Machinery Video Thumb 600x300

    Industrial machinery

    Design tools to create, publish, share, and manage 3D content for factory layouts.

  • Facilities Layout Video Thumb 600x300

    Facilities layout

    Design facility layouts. Visualize and detect clashes in large facility layouts.

  • Engineering Services Video Thumb 600x300

    Engineering services


    Streamline design of bidding proposals and produce more compelling 3D sales tools.

  • Process Analysis Video Thumb 600x300

    Process Analysis


    Process Analysis

What's new

  • Convert 2D asset chains


    Convert a polyline of chained assets from AutoCAD into a visual representation of individual factory chained assets.

  • More asset properties


    New process object types provide information to assets for a more accurate simulation in a Process Analysis model.

  • Faster sync to Navisworks


    After a first sync, only changes made to your layout are applied, resulting in better performance for subsequent syncs.

  • Process Analysis enhancements


    View takt times to understand your process capacity. Monitor processor performance with line balancing charts.

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