Autodesk® Moldflow®

Autodesk® Moldflow®




Plastic injection and compression mold simulation

Autodesk® Moldflow® software provides fast, accurate, and flexible plastic injection molding simulation tools to help CAE analysts, designers, and engineers validate and optimize plastic parts, injection molds, and the injection molding process. With access to over 9,500 grades of commercial plastics and accurate material data, manufacturers can evaluate various material options. Companies worldwide use Autodesk Moldflow to make great products by reducing the need for costly physical prototypes, avoiding potential manufacturing defects, and getting innovative products to market faster.


  • Chemical blowing agent :
    Simulate chemical blowing agents to create plastic parts with an internal foam structure.
  • Part optimisation studies :
    Use automated design of experiments, including model geometry parameters, to determine the best design using cloud or local solving.
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  • Access to cloud analysis :
    Run multiple analyses in the cloud and quickly solve larger analyses without compromising your local resource capacity.
  • 3D resin transfer moulding (RTM) :
    Predict the resin-filling pattern for RTM and areas where resin did not impregnate the fibre mat to determine product quality.

What's new :

  • Direct geometry editing :
    Directly edit properties like wall thickness or feature positions and try multiple combinations.
  • Multiple-barrel thermoplastics
    injection moulding :

    Analyse and evaluate the use of multiple injection moulding barrels to fill injection moulded parts.
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  • Powder injection moulding :
    Simulate your metal or ceramic injection moulding process.
  • Mesh to solve in one click :
    Improve your productivity by meshing and analysing your model in one step.

Which Moldflow is right for you?

  • Moldflow Adviser Video Thumb 600x300


    Plastic simulation tools for engineers and analysts. Optimize part and mold designs to ensure molded part quality and manufacturability.

  • Moldflow Insight Video Thumb 600x300


    A complete set of advanced plastics engineering simulation tools for analysts. Simulate the most advanced molding processes to avoid production delays.

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