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What could be in the context of what is

Autodesk® InfraWorks® 360 is the geospatial and engineering BIM platform that enables parametric model-based planning and design of civil infrastructure in the context of the real-world. With InfraWorks 360 users can anticipate project risks and challenges by assessing multiple infrastructure design concepts in a real-world, contextual environment, and act to make informed, real-time decisions based on analysis and simulations using intelligent models. InfraWorks 360 enables design models to be moved downstream to AutoCAD Civil 3D for detailed design and construction documentation with minimal loss of critical information. With InfraWorks 360, civil engineers can improve decision making, project stakeholder buy-in, and save both time and money.

Here’s how InfraWorks 360 can help you
From transportation to site planning and water analysis and design, InfraWorks 360 offers benefits in planning, preliminary engineering, design, and the management of your infrastructure projects.

  • Infraworks360 Achieve Optimal Designs 1152x624

    More optimal designs


    Quickly generate and evaluate multiple design alternatives using data-rich models that more accurately present your design within the as-built environment.

  • Infraworks360 Better Collaboration 1152x624

    Better collaboration


    Collaborate more effectively with project teams and stakeholders by sharing cloud-based models of design scenarios, to gather feedback and input in real time.

  • Infraworks360 More Effective Proposals 1152x624

    More effective proposals


    Improve public engagement, gather feedback, and help speed the approvals process by sharing near-realistic visualizations with a larger range of stakeholders in a more secure cloud environment.

Create a model in minutes
See how easy it is to create models with data collected from multiple sources and file formats, using Model Builder for InfraWorks 360.

  • Create A Model Step1 Image Thumbnail 600x300

    STEP 1: Model builder


    With InfraWorks 360 open, choose the Model Builder tool.

  • Create A Model Step2 Image Thumbnail 600x300

    STEP 2: Select a location


    Create the existing environment using vector data, raster data, and data from other global sources.

  • Create A Model Step3 Image Thumbnail 600x300

    STEP 3: Name the model


    Name the model you are creating.

  • Create A Model Step4 Image Thumbnail 600x300

    STEP 4: Cloud notification


    In minutes, you’ll receive an email notification giving you access to the model.

  • Create A Model Step5 Image Thumbnail 600x300

    STEP 5: Start creating


    Open the model and begin designing in the as-built environment.

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