Autodesk® CFD




Computational fluid dynamics software

Autodesk® CFD software provides fast, accurate, and flexible fluid flow and thermal simulation tools to help you make better design decisions earlier in the product development process. Autodesk CFD enables you to make great products by easily exploring and comparing design alternatives using an innovative Design Study Environment and automation tools.


1] Tools for Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Surface wrapping :
    Improved workflow for better mesh quality.
  • Particle tracing :
    Better understand circulation and flow.
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  • Thermal management :
    Use digital prototyping for thermal designs.
  • Custom result equations :
    Create custom equations for visual results.
  • Simplified heat sinks :
    Simulate the performance of heat sink components.
  • Flow control applications :
    Optimise your industrial flow control devices.
  • Design Study environment :
    Use intuitive workflows to study design iterations.
  • Architectural and MEP applications :
    Improve building efficiency with optimised design.
  • Flexible cloud solving options :
    Solve locally or continue working and solve in the cloud.
  • Geometry prep with SimStudio :
    Modify, simplify, repair and idealise CAD for computational fluid dynamics.
  • High quality visualisation :
    Use visualisation tools to create stunning imagery and near photorealistic renderings.

2] Whats New

  • Cloud-based scalable solving :
    Fully integrated scalable solving
  • Variable cloud credits :
    More accurate rates for cloud solving.

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