autocad electrical 2018

AutoCAD Electrical 2018




Electrical design software

AutoCAD® Electrical software includes all the functionality of familiar AutoCAD software, plus a complete set of electrical design CAD features.


1] Electrical documentation

  • Automatic report generation :
    Generate and update customized reports.
  • Customer and supplier collaboration :
    Easily share DWG™ drawings with stakeholders.
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  • Easily manage projects :
    Use folders to organize drawings and reorder files for electrical drafting projects.
  • PDF publishing :
    Publish schematics to multipage PDFs.

2] Electrical schematic design

  • Electrical schematic symbol libraries :
    Select from a rich library of electrical symbols.
  • Circuit design and reuse :
    Use Circuit Builder for simple electrical design.
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  • Wire numbering, component tagging :
    Reduce errors with automatic numbers for wires and tags for components.
  • Real-time error checking :
    Catch problems before the build phase begins.

3] Electrical controls design

  • Coil and contact cross-referencing :
    Keep track of parent/child contacts in real time.
  • PLC I/O drawings from spreadsheets :
    Define a project's I/O assignments.
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  • Catalog Browser for parts :
    Enhanced preview and direct component insertion.
  • Interoperability with Inventor :
    Seamless mechatronics solution with Inventor.

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