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CADLearning – Personalized, On-Demand Learning for All Things Autodesk

CADLearning is the only Autodesk Authorized Publisher to provide intuitive, on-demand learning and performance support for over 40 unique Autodesk applications, accessible anytime, anywhere — online, offline, from your browser, desktop and mobile devices.


  • The most and best Autodesk learning content available.
  • No other Autodesk learning provider has more content created by leading subject matter experts. We own 100% of our Autodesk learning content.
  • The only Autodesk learning provider to have dynamically created learning paths.
  • Individual learning paths are created and adjusted automatically, in real time. As you change, so does your learning path.
  • The only Autodesk learning provider to create its own adaptive assessment engine that is tied to content.
  • Pre-hire, pre-classroom and post-learning assessments, whether customized or ‘out-of-the-box,’ provide a complete picture of skill-level, and are followed up with a customized playlist of lessons to address knowledge gaps.


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